Week 2 of Squad Battles Anglico vs. Wolfpack

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Anglico and Wolfpack going head to head once again!

We are now 2 weeks into squad battles. Anglico lost to Wolfpack last week, but they will have a chance to get revenge. This weeks squad battles will be setup on our website. Each team must have their designated members in their squads to participate. The match scores must be reported on the website to be accredited the win.

Tonight Squad Battles starts at 8pm cst. The battle will be hosted in Infinite Warfare on Xbox One. The Squad Battle will be best of 5 in Hardpoint, Uplink, SnD, Hardpoint, Uplink.  The hosts of the game will be Game 1 WPCK, Game 2 ANCO, Game 3-5 TBD.

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