Squad Battles Coming to US Gaming Clan

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Squad Battles will be arriving to the US Gaming Clan as of this coming Saturday! We will be hosting the battle with our first two squads. Anglico and Wolfpack will go head to head on Call of Duty Infinite Warfare in hopes of bringing home the win. The battle will officially start October 21st, 2017 at 8:00 pm cst.

What are Squad Battles? Squad Battles are a form of competition between the squads in our gaming community. It gives the opportunity for our members to engage in testing the skill levels of their fellow members and squads.

Where are Squad Battles hosted? We will be eventually hosting the squad battles on our website. This will require the competitors/squads to have an account and team created.

What is the point in Squad Battles? We are starting up squad battles to grow our activity with each other as a family and increase skill for the esports world! It’s basically giving the opportunity to our members to scrimmage and have fun!

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