Ark Survival Evolved Cluster

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Welcome to the USGC Ark Cluster. We offer transferable maps that are slightly boosted and open to everyone. We offer a dino and item shop as well as memberships to help support the upkeep of our server. We are open to suggestions and continue to grow every day. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to join our discord and get started! Looking foward to seeing you around survivor!

Cluster Information

Windows 10/Xbox

8 Man Tribes

Dino Shop

Item Shop


One Admin

Cluster Rates

Experience 5X

Gathering  5X

Taming    10X

Breeding  10X

How to Join

  1. Launch Ark Survival Evolved on the Xbox or Windows 10 Version.

  2. Select PC Unofficial for Session Filter.

  3. Deselect Password Protected.

  4. Search USGC.

  5. Join any of the servers that are listed on our website.

  6. Each server is transferable.