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USGC Dragon
Head of Operations

Hey yall. I'm Pedur Brenhaug aka USGC Dragon in the clan. I'm the current head of ops for the clan and hope to be so for a while. I'm obsessed with gaming and cars and hope to have a great streaming career.

Head of Staff
Hi, I'm Drake, otherwise known in the gaming community as USGC Puma. I do comedic gameplay streams while working boring jobs. I look forward to working with my fellow directors to lead our clan to greatness.
USGC Bandit
Head of Human Resources
USGC Zorlock
Head of Security
Recruitment Officer

I was recruited by USGC Zeus 8212, I started learning how all recruiting works and started my own squad, then I moved up to LT where I later discovered that I was ready for a management position Recruitment Officer