Code of Conduct

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US Gaming Clan Code of Conduct

*All members and affiliates of the US Gaming Clan are representing the organization in whole. Any member who violates the code of conduct may result in getting blacklisted/ banned.*


  1. Any hatred/ bullying against other community members is strictly prohibited. Cursing in the Discord chats is not allowed, but will only cause a suspension when used excessively after warnings were given.
  2. All community members must act in a mature manner when appropriate.
  3. All members should dedicate in some way to the gaming community. If we feel as if you are no part you will be questioned/removed.
  4. No illegal activities are to be carried out while in the gaming community.
  5. No skill level is required for community members, but you must be active to be considered a member. Discord should be checked weekly as a minimum.
  6. All members must be respectful to other members and non-members according to rank and standards.
  7. Community members must attend events/meetings if requested unless absence is duly noted.
  8. You must be of age 14 to join the US Gaming Clan.
  9. All ranks are expected to carry out their duties accordingly and act in the manor of which they are ranked.