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Community Application

Complete the community application to join our online gaming community! Participate in divisions, squads, and groups! The community is the start of everything in our organization!


Speed up your application process by joining our official discord server and contacting a manager on duty.



Get all of your questions answered about US Gaming Clan here. If we aren’t able to answer something you are concerned about please feel free to contact us by visiting our support page!


View a gander of servers that US Gaming Clan has available for all of its members.


Take a look at a few group pages we have on several platforms that offer things like clan names, clan wars, and clan rosters. Things like a Clan in Destiny or a team for Clash of Clans will be located here.


Participate in our online forums to get to know other members and share information.


Always wanting to be in the know zone? Take a look at our events calendar so you know all upcoming events.



Our community has a blacklist to ensure that our members are safe. On these lists contain members/communities that have created a bad rep for themselves.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is a document that states our core fundamentals and the way each and every member should act.


This document is a list of policies that our community runs by. We are to follow these policies in our community and organization at all times.

Ranking System

Our community offers a ranking system to ensure a good spinal structure and to make sure that the community is not ran by one but several.


Xbox Live Community

PlayStation Network Community

PC Community

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