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US Gaming Clan is an organization based on community gaming, esports, and content creation. Our community is a multi-platform family on Xbox Live, PSN, and PC! “Joining Info” Our community is multi-platform which means we accept players from several gaming platforms including Xbox, PS, PC, and mobile. If you or someone is interested in joining they must either speak to an official Staff Sergeant or apply on our website. You must meet the following requirements to join US Gaming Clan.

  • 14 Years of Age
  • Working Headset
  • Discord Account
  • XBL, PSN, or Steam Account
  • Website Account

*All members and affiliates of the US Gaming Clan are representing the organization in whole. Any member who violates the code of conduct may result in getting blacklisted/ banned.*

  • Any hatred/ bullying against other community members is strictly prohibited. Cursing in the Discord chats is not allowed, but will only cause a suspension when used excessively after warnings were given.
  • All community members must act in a mature manner when appropriate.
  • All members should dedicate in some way to the gaming community. If we feel as if you are no part you will be questioned/removed.
  • No illegal activities are to be carried out while in the gaming community.
  • No skill level is required for community members, but you must be active to be considered a member. Discord should be checked weekly as a minimum.
  • All members must be respectful to other members and non-members according to rank and standards.
  • Community members must attend events/meetings if requested unless absence is duly noted.
  • You must be of age 14 to join the US Gaming Clan.
  • All ranks are expected to carry out their duties accordingly and act in the manor of which they are ranked.


In the case that one member or a group of members is harassed it is to be reported to a leader.


In the case that one member threatens suicide, death, or anything that is harmful to a member or the organization in general it should be reported to a leader immediately. This member will be talked to, and if needed, will be kicked and banned from the server and organization. There is no tolerance to threats in this community.


Members may become blacklisted for several reasons within the community. Blacklisting is when a member is revoked membership and is not allowed to re-enter the community without any exceptions.


Members must remain in code while in the community. This means that the member must follow the code of conduct on a day to day basis. If the player plans on participating in tournaments, they are also agreeing to the terms and conditions for tournaments.


Members must remain active. Members that are inactive on Discord for over 30 days will be suspended. Members that are inactive on Xbox (intel via other members) will also be suspended.


Once a member leaves or departs from the US Gaming Clan they are no longer officially represented by the organization. They aren’t allowed to rejoin until a quarter (3 months) has passed, unless noted otherwise. They must also be approved in favor by a majority of the leaders. Though members can be excused for a period of inactivity, if one were to leave entirely for a long period of time, they may enter the organization again upon approval of management.


Our community is founded upon three values and they are Respect, Integrity, and Loyalty.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to maintain a staff of respectful, loyal, and truthful members that will provide the highest level of leadership and persist in recruiting new members, running our website, Discord server, and other day to day activities. With communication using our chain of command, it will be a priority to ensure that the community is a safe and entertaining place to be competitive and be proud of the member’s achievements.

Mission Statement

We, the members of the U.S. Gaming Clan, are committed to excellence in providing a community in which our members can thrive and have an enjoyable experience in the expanding world of online gaming.


Community Managementhttps://usgamingclan.com/community/operations/community-management/


The US Gaming Clan was founded in 2013 by Daniel Hinton. It started as a group of friends playing in Clan Wars on Call of Duty Ghosts. The clan grew and with it so did the relationships between the members.


  • Director 18+ Top Level Management
  • Officer 18+ Middle Level Management
  • Supervisor 18+ Low Level Management Duties include creating channels, adding roles, and helping manage divisions.
  • Captain 17+ Division Leader | Duties include leading a division that consists of several squads.
  • General 17+ Division Co Leader | Duties include help leading a division that consists of several squads.
  • Lieutenant 17+. Squad Creator | Duties include helping promote squad leaders to run new squads.
  • Staff Sergeant 16+ Squad Leader | Duties include running squads and growing members.
  • Sergeant 16+ Squad Co Leader | Duties include helping run squads and growing members.
  • Corporal 16+ Squad Recruiter | Duties include recruiting members to his/her squad.
  • Private First Class 15+ Verified Members | Duties include changing gamertag and joining a squad.
  • Private 15+ Members | Duties include joining a division.
  • Recruit 14+ New Member | Duties include completing all new member tasks.


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Our community has a blacklist to ensure that our members are safe. On these lists contain members/communities that have created a bad rep for themselves.