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US Gaming Clan LLC

Daniel “Assassin” Hinton


US Gaming Clan LLC is an online gaming organization focused on content creation and esports. Founded by Daniel “Assassin” Hinton in 2013 it started as a group of gamers on Call of Duty Ghost. The clan soon grew to be one of the biggest “gaming communities”. US Gaming Clan took a major step in 2017 finally becoming an online business in 2017. Daniel “Assassin” Hinton would then decide to open an entire shop open to the United States.


In 2019 US Gaming Clan started looking at ways to make the community better for everyone and bring in more players. The community tried different things like mass recruiting, squad battles, and much more. Many ideas that were implemented worked, but it just wasn’t enough in today’s age to keep it a successful business.


US Gaming Clan LLC is now an organization focusing on bringing streamers, content creators, and competitors together in one space. Moving forward the organization is searching for high skilled individuals in today’s top esports titles, as well as motivated content creators and streamers.


Daniel “Assassin” Hinton grew up in Florence. KS. He is currently attending college for Business Administration, working a Full Time job, streaming, and continuing projects such as this one. He continues to live by the quote, “Rise & Grind”.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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