A New Brand

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US Gaming Clan LLC has developed a brand recently. We have chosen the eagle to identify ourselves. Our vision must be as great as the eagle ,we must be fearless, and we must face the storm. Our previous logo was developed as a quick standard identification including the letters USGC while having colors of red, black, and white. We have kept the same color scheme as well as added USGC to the eagle. We plan to use the eagle in several ways. You will see an eagle head as our logo, the eagle body on merch and banners, intros, and ads for our organization. We’d like to think all of the members and leaders that have helped us with developing the brand. We are excited to see what 2019 has to offer as we will be diving into the eSports world as well as expanding our squad battles platform to the website. Thank you again. 

-USGC Assassin

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