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What is USGC?

US Gaming Clan LLC aka USGC is a multi-platform online gaming organization consisting of eSports, Content Creators, and a huge Community! The org was founded back in 2013 by USGC Assassin aka Daniel. He and others including USGC Lonewolf, USGC Hybrid, USGC Stoner, and a few others started a clan for Clan Wars on Call of Duty Ghost. The clan has now turned into what is today’s US Gaming Clan.


US Gaming Clan has several teams that compete in mainly online tournaments through MLG, UMG, and other competitive platforms. We are always looking for players with skill and experience! Check out our teams page for our current rosters as well as open positions. If you are interested in applying to become a competitor, visit our apply page.

Content Creation

We have developed a platform for small and large streamers, video creators, gfx artists, and many other skilled individuals. Through our Sponsorship and Content Creator team we are able to provide a place for everyone that wants to make content! View more info by clicking Apply at the top of our website!


Our community is a multi-platform clan that participates in serveral current gen games! The community community uses our discord app to keep track of our members and ranks. If you are wanting to eventually create content or play competitively this is the place to start.

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author image by US Gaming Clan LLC | Community | 0 Comments | 08/15/2019

Hello, fellow gamer! We are always looking for cool ideas to add more items to our official shop for our organization! We’d like to take the time to ask for feedback on our current items in our shop. We would…

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Memorial Day SALE

author image by usgcassassin | Community | 0 Comments | 05/24/2019

MEMORIAL DAY SALE!! Take huge discounts on USGC MERCH in celebration of Memorial Day and warmer weather! ❤️?

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