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US Gaming Clan LLC is a multiplatform gaming organization. USGC is composed of esports competitors, content creators, as well as community members! Our community offers a safe environment for gamers to meet new gamers. Our esports teams offer a place in the competitive scene, while our content creators show off the skills we possess. Are you looking to take the first step? Click the Join Today button to be connected to our Discord server and join the family!


  • USGC Shop

    New Controller Grips

    US Gaming Clan has added its first gaming accessory! We are proud to announce the launch of USGC Grips. The controller grips, improve performance, increase comfortability and add style to your controller. We are launching with 12 unique colors and…

  • Announcement

    JerkyXP Partnership

    We are happy to announce our “yummy” partnership with JerkyXP. JerkyXP is a supplier for Beef Jerky. They target the gaming industry through their association and support of gamers and events. We are excited to work with Anthony and Tyler…

  • Community

    Shop Feedback

    Hello, fellow gamer! We are always looking for cool ideas to add more items to our official shop for our organization! We’d like to take the time to ask for feedback on our current items in our shop. We would…

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